This page is designed to give you an overview of the practical and legal information you need to know in order to file for bankruptcy. Our goal is to help you understand the basics of the federal laws that apply to bankruptcy, the different types of bankruptcy proceedings available to individuals and businesses, and the procedures and steps involved in a bankruptcy proceeding.

The information provided here will be most useful to individuals who are considering bankruptcy and who want to obtain the information necessary to file a bankruptcy petition on their own behalf. This page also provides information generally helpful to those considering bankruptcy for a business. However, Arizona’s Bankruptcy Court specifically requires all businesses to be represented by a lawyer in a bankruptcy case (for good reason, since business bankruptcies are much more complicated).

As a result, it is best to speak with a qualified attorney about the specifics of your situation. The same is true of some individual debtors with fairly significant debt. Additionally, you should be aware that the United States Bankruptcy Court urges all consumers filing for bankruptcy to use caution when filing without an attorney. You can watch the video available from the court by following this link.

Whether you are considering a personal or business bankruptcy, and whether you are considering a complete discharge of your debts, a “reorganization,” or seek a repayment plan to allow you additional time to pay your creditors, we hope you find the information on this page helpful. Although it is a time consuming affair, some individuals find they can complete the paperwork and conduct the required court appearances on their own, saving the added expense of attorneys’ fees in what are already financially trying times.

If you feel you would benefit from an attorney’s help, or if you are one of the categories of filers who must be represented by an attorney in Bankruptcy Court, we invite you to visit our About Us and Services pages, where you can find information about the competitive, value-based services provided by Amicus Law.

Should I file for bankruptcy?

Are there advantages to filing bankruptcy?

What are the disadvantages?

What other options do you have?

What are the types (“Chapters”) of bankruptcy?

What is a discharge, and how much of my debt will be discharged?

What are the requirements for filing bankruptcy?

What papers do I file, and where do I file them?

How much does it cost to file bankruptcy?

What happens after I file?

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More Information

For additional information about the bankruptcy process that may be helpful to you in evaluating your options, we recommend watching “Bankruptcy Basics,” a series of videos produced by the United States Bankruptcy Courts. These videos provide general information concerning federal bankruptcy law and answers to frequently asked questions about bankruptcy. There are also videos that specifically discuss the different chapters of the Bankruptcy Code under which a bankruptcy case can be filed.